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Download WintoBootic V2.1 2013

Written By Techno on Senin, 15 April 2013 | 10.06

Download WintoBootic 2.1 2013 - The ultimate Windows 8/7/Vista/2012 USB Boot Disk Maker
WiNToBootic V2.1 is a tiny tool that will help you Drag & Drop create bootable USB/Flash Disks with Windows Vista, 7/2008, 8/2012, PE2, PE3, PE4. This highly convenient program makes things a lot simpler as it works with ISO 9660 (Joliet) as well as with ISO 13346 (UDF).The tool focuses on speed and convenience, allowing you to write ISO images via drag and drop. Furthermore, unlike other bootable USB creators, WiNToBootic provides a Quick Format option, which saves you the time allowing you to write ISO images via drag and drop.This product is focused on creation of boot disks based on Microsoft Windows NT 6.x OS family (Vista, 7, 8, Server 2008, Server 2012).
WiNToBootic 2.1 2013 Features
Windows 7/8 focused Boot Disk Maker
Make bootable USB Flash or Hard Disk
Burn Windows 7/8/PE2/PE3 content from ISO, DVD or Folder
Very Convenient and Fast
Standalone, no installation
Run in Windows XP or later (32/64)
Change Log WiNToBootic 2.0.1 (04/06/2013)
FIXED: False-positive detection as Trojan.Dropper by some Antivirus engines.
FIXED: Issue with keeping of the selection during drive list refresh
IMPROVED: Error notification in case of job failure
IMPROVED: Multithreading support
Internal optimizations

Download here...

Download WintoBootic V2.1 2013

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